Sunday, February 19, 2012

Error: The process could not bulk copy out of table '[dbo].[syncobj_0x3944323636373031]

SQL Server 2000 error message:

The process could not bulk copy out of table '[dbo].[syncobj_0x3944323636373031]'.

Snapshot replication was running fine up until last week. The e drive on the system failed. The server was rebooted and the drive returned. Since then the replication has failed. (e drive is the location of the database and log files)

The database is approx. 12 gig. I googled the error message an found several references to the drive being full. So I tried to map the replication to a different drive. The replication fails with the same error.

Also tried to drop and recreate the replication process. Still the same error.

Any other ideas?



You dont have enough permission to write to the destination database
you Sql service account dont have right to access the replication snapshot folder

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