Sunday, February 19, 2012

error: the publication does not exist

I had a publication that I removed from the Local Publications folder but it still shows up in Replication Monitor (with a red 'X'). No jobs exist related to this publication either.

Everything is working ok, but I can't get rid of this from the Replication monitor.

Any help would be appreciated.


SQL 2000 ?

Get into Enterprise Manager.

Right Click on the server connection.

Select Properties , in the window select Replication.

Select Disable, it will remove all your references as to the Replication.

Let me know if it works.

|||if this is SQL 2005, look in distribution database for table MSmerge_publications and see if your deleted publication still exists. if so, delete it.|||

Yes, I'm using SQL Server 2005.

I tried opening the Distribution database via Management Studio to do what you said but when I click on a table the option to open it is greyed out. This is only the case for tables in the Distribution db and for the temp_db. I can open all tables everywhere else.

I tried looking into permissions but don't see any differences between settings on dbs that allow me to open tables and those that don't.

I'm kind of a noob to SQL Server 2005 so I may just be missing something simple.




You'll have to try TSQL queries to access the table. Open a new query window:

use distribution


select * from MSmerge_publications



Yes, that did it!

However, the problematic data was in another set of tables...

There was a record in the MSReplication_monitordata table and an associated record in the MSSnapshot_agents and MSSnapshot_history that were associated with the publication that no longer existed.

Not sure why this data was still in these tables but once I deleted these records, the error in Replication Monitor dissapeared.



Hi, there,

I have the same problem. I could not find the distribution database which mentioned in the posts. When I tried to delete the publication, I got the publication " " does not exist.[SQL server error: 20026]. I tried to use sp_droppublication, it gave me error "the database is not enabled for publication". Nevertheless, I can see the publication in MS SQL Management Studio and Publication monitor with OK status.

Could you anyone has ideas to delete this publication? Thanks.

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