Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Estimate Snapshow Duration

Dear all,
I am going to set up a snapshot replicate. it will run nightly. The size of
DB is around 2GB, does anyone know how long will it take to completed the
snapshot replication. Is there any way of estimate the duration? Doesn't have
to be very accurate, a rough figure will do.
this is almost impossible, as your network bandwidth at the time of the
replication and the indexes you have on the tables are just two factors
that'll change the result radically. Perhaps you can 'calibrate' the system
yourself in a rough way by replicating a table of 100MB with representative
indexes to a dummy database and then multiplying the result by 20 - just a
finger inthe air, but will give you some idea.
Paul Ibison SQL Server MVP, www.replicationanswers.com
(recommended sql server 2000 replication book:

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