Monday, March 19, 2012

errors setting up SQL Mail

I get the following error when I test my SQL Mail configuration. MS Outlook is the default mail client so I'm not sure what else could be wrong:

" Error 18030 : xp_test_mapi_profile : Either there is no default mail
client or the current mail client cannot fullfill the messaging request.
Please run Microsoft outlook and set it as the default mail client"

JoeI know there was a bug with the length of a profile - how long is your profile ? Also, have you started the mail service using xp_startmail ? When are you receiving this message ?|||From Ent Mgr / Support Services / SQL Mail / properties I type in what I think is the profile (DBA). (I have set up a mail account in Outlook called DBA.) I get the error when I press the TEST button.

What mail service are you referring to and how do I knkow if it's running?|||More info:

When I bring up the SQL Mail/propertes I should see a drop down menu with all the profiles listed. I don't see anything listed even though I have created a profile. This appears to be my problem - why isn't SQL Mail recognizing the profile I created in Outlook?

I can send and receive email thru Outlook just fine.|||I just bounced the MSSQLServer service and the following profile appeared in the drop down list in SQL Mail/propertes: "Microsoft Outlook Internet Settings". The test button then worked. I'm not sure why the DBA profile doesn't appear but I think I may be ok.

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