Monday, March 26, 2012

escaping a string

hi guys

please help me. i've never user stored procs before but here is my problem.

this is only what i am allowed to display but it shows my problem

declare @.suite varchar(10), varchar(1)
set @.suite = 'brutus'

set = 'A'
exec ('insert into tot (SuiteName,Company) values ('+@.suite+','')')

when i exec the query it says that "brutus" is an invalid column name. i know that i need to insert a extra ' but i don't know how or what is the escape character. please help me.


this should be accomplishedby this one here:

exec ('insert into tot (SuiteName,Company) values ('''+@.suite+''','''''')')

But I would rather prefer not using dynamic sql in this case:

insert into tot (SuiteName,Company) values (@.suite,

HTH, Jens Suessmeyer.

thanks that helps but when i do this

1. exec ('alter table tot add '+@.UnitT+' varchar(3) DEFAULT '' WITH VALUES')

2. alter table tot add @.UnitT varchar(3) DEFAULT ' ' WITH VALUES

not one work. in 1 i get the same problem and in 2 it tells met there is a problem with syntax before @.unit


No, therefore you would need dynamic SQL, that will not function with the second opion I posted.

HTH, Jens Suessmeyer.



i used your first solution with the ''' multiple quotes and it works perfect. thanks

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