Monday, March 19, 2012

Errors in the OLAP storage engine

Error 4

When I am deploying the project I got the following error. Please help me sir

Errors in the OLAP storage engine: An error occurred while processing the 'Product Tran Header' partition of the 'Product Tran Header' measure group for the 'Test' cube from the productreport database. 0 0

I did the following steps

1. added new measure selecting new source table

2. selected one column dateoforder

3. Add new dimension as without using data source

4. selected server time dimension

5. Selected Year/Month/Quarter/date

6 Selected fiscal year

7.Selected dimension usage in cube desgn

8. selected time dimension and selected regular relation, Granulary attribute as Date

9. Measure group table 'Product tran header' new measure group

10 selected measure group column as dateoforder.

after that while deploying the above mentioned error will come

Please help


How many partitions do you have in that measure group? Is it possible that you changed measure group structure, but some partitions have specific query that does not match new structure? If this is the case, review each partition query.

Vidas Matelis


Hi All,

I am also facing the same problem when i process some dimensions with in a Cube Database.

Can Anyone please help me in resolving it .



|||run a profiler and check the query that is fired to the DB. That will give you some clues.

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