Monday, March 19, 2012

Errors installing MSDE desktop

HELP! this is driving me mad!!

I installed MSDE desktop with no problems... months later when creating a database, I stupidily forgot the "sa" password that I set during setup... So I decided to unistall MSDE and reinstall it, this time documenting the username and password... BUT now it is giving me errors which I am unable to solve... is there anyone out there that might be able to help me??

I go to a command-line, locate the directory where the install program lives and type in "setup SAPWD=(a password) SecurityMode=SQL" and it returns the follow error message:
"Setup Failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and setup error logs"

My problem is I don't know where to locate these error logs. Please if anyone can help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

thanks, Donald - email = pizzazzz@.cox.netPlease refer to my post in this section under the subject: "Overcoming MSDE Setup Problems". Link:

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