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Error-the dimension is not referenced by a fact table?

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I got a very strange problem during the creation of a cube.When I unchecked 'fact' for the dimension, It says-the dimension (in my case, the time dimension) is not referenced by a fact table. But actually in the data source view, I have already created relationships for the time diemnsion table and other fact tables? (in my case, due to the nature of the data, I set the fact tables also as dimensions). Why is that?

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Data source view (DSV) represents the relational source for the dimensions and measure groups. When you defined relationships between tables on DSV you helped the cube wizard to guess which tables should become source of dimensions and which should become the source of measure groups (later it is also used to create SQL queries during processing). It makes its guess, which might be not what you want. But the outcome of the wizard should be a cube, which can be built. Therefore when you unchecked the offered fact table the wizard shows you a message that it can't build a valid cube because in a valid cube a dimension must be related to at least one measure group. To complete the wizard you need to select another fact table, which you think should be correct source for the measure group.

You are not obligated to build the cubes with the wizard. To complete a wizard you need to select a fact table and then do what you think is right in the designer. There you would create your measure groups and relate them to the dimensions on Dimension Usage tab.

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